2017 Best Hosting Reviews EXPOSED

Bluehost, Hostmonster, Justhost, Fastdomain are sister companies, they share data-centers and employees. They are the top hosting provider in the planet! If anyone says Bluehost is better than the other three, it is no true! ūüėé Many people recommend cheaper hosting service that they don't use. ūüĎŅ There is only one hosting recommended by WordPress.org, Drupal.org, Opencart.com and more!¬† ūüôā Real SEO hosting should have mutiple C-class IPs, if you would like to have hosting to build sites that link each other, you can make it at a low price! :mrgreen:

justhost$2.95AnytimeBluehost Sister Company
Same Datacenter
Same Staff
100Justhost Review
$3.9645 DaysRecommended By
Have Extra Resources
99Hostgator Review
$4.95AnytimeRecommended By
Not Cheap
99Bluehost Review
$0.99Anytime100% Wind Energy
450 Free Ads Credit
Super Fast Online Support
98iPage Review
4$2.2730 DaysYahoo! Merchant Solutions
24-hour In-house Support
Easy eStore for Beginners
98Yahoo Review
5$7.1630 Days15 Dedicated IPs
3 Free Domains
Perfect for SEO
25%Coupon: CHiLL
97Ixwebhosting Review
6$4.9545 Days100% Uptime Guarantee
Free SSL Certificates
24/7 Live Support
96Jaguarpc Review
7$3.9530 DaysRecommended By
Magento Friendly
Drupal Friendly
96Siteground Review
8$1.9930 DaysSimultaneously Stored
In 2 Datacenters
Webspace Recovery
Beginners Friendly
961&1 Hosting Review
9$8.9597 DaysGreat for SEO(Cloud IPs)
Green Hosting
92Dreamhost Review
10$3.9530 Days100% Green
500 Ad credits
US & Canada Datacenter
90Hostpapa Review
11$2.99AnytimeNot as Good as Bluehost
Best Domain Registrant
Relatively New in Hosting
89GoDaddy Review
1$4.95AnytimeBluehost Sister Company
Same Datacenter,Stuff
All are the SAME
100Hostmonster Review

 How to Choose Best Web Hosting

If you have a personal or business website, you always want it to be visible to the greatest number of people. For that reason, it’s important to carefully select a web hosting provider that can help you reach your goals. Taking into account some basic, yet important factors will help you select the perfect web provider for your needs.

 Web Hosting Packages

Every web hosting service offers different packages with advantages and weaknesses. Deciding on a package can be difficult, especially if this is your first attempt at creating a web site. You’ll likely notice that the biggest difference between packages is the bandwidth. Look for a provider that offers unlimited bandwidth to give your site the greatest ability to handle traffic. If your budget is smaller, try to find the provider that offers the most bandwidth in your price range.

Hosting Server Uptime/Customer Support

In order for people to access your web page and view the content, the website needs to be up and running. This is known as server uptime and obviously, you want to find a web hosting provider that has a near perfect record of server uptime. Most providers claim 99.99% server uptime and some more daring companies even boast a 100% record.

Don’t just take the server’s word for it though. Look for reviews and see what real customers say about the server. If there’s a discrepancy between the claimed server uptime and the reported server uptime, you may want to take your business elsewhere.

Most websites will go down at one point or another, especially if you’re getting a lot of traffic. That’s why customer service is important. You want to do business with a company that is easy to get a hold of and has customer service agents on call around the clock, that way you can get in touch with someone whenever a problem arises to get your website back up and running before your customers notice.

Web Host Pricing

This may seem obvious, but price matters. The pricing between web hosting services varies widely, so you’ll need to find a good balance of price, quality and features to get the best deal. Like with other products, cheaper prices are usually found with lower quality products, but even some more expensive web hosts may have hidden faults.

Take a good look at what you’re getting for your money. Compare bandwidth limits, domains, subdomains, email accounts and other features to see which host offers the best value. There are dozens of different features that are offered by hosts, so make a list of your priorities and find a company that meets your needs and your budget.

Data and Bandwidth Limits of Your Hosting Company

If this is your first website, you might not know how much data storage and bandwidth you’ll need. You may not have to worry about this at first, but as your website grows in popularity, you’ll need a hosting service that can keep up with the demand. Look for a host that allows some flexibility and different options in case you need to increase your storage or bandwidth.

Additional Domains

If you plan on using multiple domains, you’ll need to make sure you choose a host and package that allows for it. Most of the cheapest web hosting providers only allow one website, so read the rules carefully if you plan on having multiple sites.

Making a list of your priorities and which features you must have versus which features would be nice to have will help you choose the best web hosting provider. Do your homework and look at the specific offerings of each company as well as reviews by other users to determine which hosting service is right for you.